Hi, I’m Elizabeth

Your honorary bridesmaid of the day

The awkward and authentic photographer for the fun and goofy couple in love!

A little bit about me

Follower of Jesus. Born To Travel and Adventure. Guitar Player. Professional Hummer. Boy Mom. Best Friend. Daughter. Wife. Animal Lover. Black and White Photo Obsessed. Gum Chewer. Plant Grower. Target Addict. Best Friend. I Think My Jokes Are Funny. Lover of Pretty Things and Scrunchy Nose Smiles. Tea Drinker. Baby Lover. 


My couples are my family

 With over 200 weddings documented, I work hard at building a friendship with my bride and groom. On wedding days you can see me helping put the bride’s dress on (I am an expert at those buttons), fixing the garter if it starts slipping, boob checking because sometimes strapless dresses can start falling (I got you, ladies), pinning the boutonnieres on the groom and groomsmen, doing The Wobble at the reception(I love dancing), stepping in and saying no for the bride and groom when people just won’t listen, and best of all you can find me knowing in my heart that my couples can turn to me at the end of the night with nothing but happiness knowing they didn’t have to worry about any hiccups because they knew I had their back. I am there from your engagement session, and now I am still a small part of my couple’s lives and photograph their kids.

Some of my couples have truly become my family.