With Whimsy and Wilder Investment

Not just photographs but memories that last a lifetime.

Your Investment Matters

Each couple is different and every wedding day is different so why should I stop my couples from creating their special package for their day? Some couples only want 8 hours, but others wish to have all day coverage. Other couples want a second shooter, and some do not. I don’t want you to have to feel like you fit in this little box when it comes to choosing your package, you can be true to your needs on your wedding day and your budget!

With Whimsy and Wilder packages range from $3,000-$5,000 

Weddings A Year


Never bored with my job

Day of Coverage


True all-day coverage
And by true all-day coverage I mean I start right when you start your wedding day, from getting your makeup and hair done to your awesome exit I will be there! With this comes a long day that sometimes consists of over 12 hours but I love it! You work so hard to make your day perfect so why not have your photographer there to capture every detail!

4,6 or 8 Hours of coverage
Are you having a smaller wedding, a sweet courthouse wedding, or an elopement? These are the best hours of coverage for you, then! Please email me for more information! 

Second Shooter


Elizabeth and a second photographer, not an assistant.

My lovely second shooters are there to capture anything I might want a little extra of and they always make sure to get a different angle or even have a more creative viewpoint. They are there to help you just like I am and are a very important part of your wedding day experience with ellAdele photography. You are guaranteed to have their images a part of your amazing finished wedding day collection because why would you hire someone and not get the very beautiful images they took of that once in a lifetime day of yours?

Engagement Session


Or sometimes what I call a fun date night with a third wheel with a camera! Ha! Engagement sessions are a fun 2-hour session in that you have up to 3 locations and unlimited outfit changes (sorry guys) to document your favorite things to do together! I have done them at people’s homes, the mountains in AZ, downtown in many cities, and to the pastures of cows. I go ANYWHERE, literally anywhere! I absolutely love engagement sessions because I get to learn a little bit more about my couples and what makes them well them!   

Elopements and Out of State Weddings


If you know me I LOVE to travel and I have had a few couples have me travel to them for their wedding day! I have traveled to California, Puerto Rico, Colorado, and Arkansas! If you are an out of state wedding or an elopement please email me for more information on special pricing that I offer! 

QUESTIONS? I have answers

How far in advanced should we book you as our photographer?

Couples typically book 1.5 to two years out although it does fluctuate year to year! I have had couples book me four weeks before their wedding!

Do you travel for weddings?

I do! I have been as far as Puerto Rico to California to Colorado! If you have a destination wedding, please, feel free to ask as many questions as you would like! If you get married within two hours of Nashville, TN, you have no traveling fee!

What if it rains or I have bad weather on our wedding day?

Well first off, let’s just say rain is not a bad luck thing! We cannot control the weather, but we can control how we work with it! I always carry umbrellas for your use because with our Tennessee weather, we tend to be unpredictable!

Do you edit all of our wedding images and how long do we wait to receive the final gallery?

I edit each photograph you receive in your wedding gallery. I used to use an outside editing company that only allowed 700 images, and I wasn’t pleased with the results and how they limit the number of images they would edit and how they edited my photographs. So I am now back to taking the important time to hand-select and edit each image that best represents your day. With me carefully editing each image, my turnaround time is 4-6 weeks after your wedding day.

Do you photograph every wedding you book and if you do, do you truly love your job?

I do! I even photographed a wedding when I was 36 weeks pregnant because I wanted to be there for my couple! I believe in being the face of the business that I created. I build relationships with my couples before the wedding day, so when the day comes, you are comfortable with me and my camera. Now, that does mean I photograph 25+ weddings each year, but I LOVE my job! I hear too many photographers complain on wedding days that they hate being a wedding photographer, and to be honest, it breaks my heart for not just the photographer but the couple that hired them. You need to have a photographer on your wedding day that enjoys your wedding day as much as you! My job is to document all of the moments, if I hated my job I wouldn’t put as much effort into it. I think it is selfish for photographers to photograph weddings just because it could potentially be a nice paycheck, it takes weddings away from photographers who actually love their job and the couple that is involved. I have photographed 200+ weddings by now and it never gets old!